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Crin goes to Gamescom

Dear readers,

I’ve posted a few not-help-blog-like posts over the past few days.The reason why is that – as many other German fan sites – I was invited to go to Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. I was able to see a closed door presentation about Supernatural and Seasons and had the opportunity to play Supernatural for a bit.

The two days were epic and I really enjoyed meeting people from other fan sites and to chat with the moderators of the German official forum. It was a pity that the producers didn’t have more time, I would have loved a chance to talk to them longer.

Here are the links to all the post I made about the Gamescom 2012

I also would like to link the reports of my fellow fansites although most of them are in German. You can always use google translator and most of them have tons of pictures to look at.