Crinrict on Twitter

I finally made a twitter account

There will be some News in German on there as well.

What is my Twitter Account for

  • Infos on new blog posts
  • Infos on new or updated mods (if I find them worthy)
  • Infos on new problems I’m not making a post on cause there are no solutions
  • Infos on new problems that I don’t have the time to make a post about atm.
  • Questions from me to you to get more info/solutions about a certain problem
  • Infos from you to me if you know something about a bug or even have a solution for it
  • Infos from you to me if you found a mistake in one of my blog posts
  • General feedback from you to me.
  • Help with your game issues .. no promises though and I might redirect you to a forum

What is my Account NOT for

  • New bug reports
    Please report all bugs in the forums. Shortly after an EP comes out, I’m doing bug collecting in the EP forum of the official forum. That’s the best place to report.
  • Questions about mods/cc and how to install them
    All info you need is either in the description of the the mod/cc itself or can be found in the blog. If you have further problems/questions, ask with the creator.