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As many other Simmers I’ve been invited by EA to attend SimsCamp in Cologne.


I will have the opportunity to take a look at Sims 4 and Sims 3 Into the future. I did not receive a detailed program yet but what I can see on the short description I got, sounds very exciting.

I’m still a little unsure how to organize my posts here and on which aspects I should focus. It will be way to early to say anything about any bugs and you’ll read all about the most important News and features on other sites.

I will try to get info on the more technical aspects as in Do we get a 64 bit version of the game and will there be a native Mac version for our Mac friends.

I’m very excited and want to thank EA for the opportunity to go to Gamescom and be part of this event.

I will not be collecting questions here. If you do have any, please use either Rflong7’s thread at the official forum:  What would you like to Find Out about TS4 (at Gamescom) (she’s doing a great job at compiling in the first post, so please read that first to see if someone else hasn’t already asked that question) or use your favorite forum/news site. SimsVIP has a list of other sites that are going: SimsVIP is Going to SimsCamp at Gamescom!