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Gamescom 2014 Preview: Options

This article is written base on a beta version at Gamescom 2014.

Main Menu

The main menu has the following options

  • Save –> Saves the Game
  • Save as –> Saves the game under a new name
  • Game Option –> See below
  • Help –> External Link to AnswerHQ (not 100% but that’s how it was in the CAS Demo)
  • Lessons –> All lessons. You can read them here
  • Patch Notes –> External Link to the patch notes
  • Credits
  • Achievements –> was deactivated
  • Manage World –> Access the world/neighborhood overview

Game Option (not complete)

The game options are quite extensive and I did not write everyting down but concentrated mostly on the new stuff.

Unfortunately there’s no option to turn off the lessons/tips but we were told we can turn them off through Origin.


In graphics there’s quite a few things you can set to different levels.

  • Sims
  • Objects
  • Lighting
  • Reflections
  • Visual Effects
  • Edge Smoothing
  • 3D Scene Resolution
  • View Distance
  • Uncompressed Sim Textures
  • Post Processing Effects
  • Laptop Mode


  • Autonomy off/full (can be disabled for selected Sim)
  • Auto Age (Played Sims):Yes/No/Only active
  • Auto Age (unplayed Sims): Yes/No –> A Sim becomes played if a household was active at one time.
  • Lifespan (short, normal, long)
  • Traditional Social Menu –> Allows the social interaction menu to be sorted by groups and not by relevance. The new menu does have both options though since you can simply click on the MORE button to get the interactions sorted by groups.
  • Memories Helper –> Activates notices that remind you to make memories
  • Fill empty houses –> Automatically fills empty houses with new Sims.

Camera & Controls

  • Edge Scrolling
  • Sims 3 camera –> There are two different ways to work with the camera. This enables Sims 3 mode.
  • Invert Horizontal Rotation
  • Invert Vertical Rotation

Memories and Pictures

  • Has an option to allow the GUI to be on videos and pictures. The GUI can still be turned off with TAB


  • Online Access
  • Online Notifications
  • Auto Reconnect
  • Share User Data
  • Mods – Pop-Up Windows which shows you installed script and non-script mod.

There’s also option for Audio, Video and Music but I didn’t really look at those.

Further Reading