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[ORIGIN] Turning automatic updates on/off

Information for EA app to follow but it works very similarly.

How do I turn automatic game updates on/off in Origin ?

To turn off automatic game updates, follow the these steps

  1. Open Origin
  2. Choose Origin –> Application Settings
  3. Choose the tab Application

  4. Adjust the slide for Automatic game updates to your choice.

The options affects all games on Origin. If the option is turned on, all games will automatically be patch on starting Origin if there’s a patch available. If you turn the option off, you can start the patch manually for each game.

Depending on the game, the update is necessary before you can start the game. It’s best to put Origin in offline mode if a patch was announced and you don’t wanna patch. If Origin doesn’t know there was a patch, it doesn’t want you to patch.

You can also adjust here if you want Origin itself to patch automatically or not.

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