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[UNRAVEL] [PC] Everything about your Saves

Where is my save game stored?

Your save game is stored in two places: your computer and Origin’s cloud.

On your computer

In C:/Users/<your username>/Appdata/Local/Unravel

This folder is hidden by default so if you want to see it you may need to follow these instructions: Show hidden files

In the folder you will find two files: profileXXXXXX.pro and settingsXXXXX.pro.

The first one contains your save game, and the second one your settings. The XXXXX is the number that Origin gives to your EA account.


You will find more files in that folder if you play Unravel with more than one Origin account on the same computer.


Origin’s cloud

Origin stores a copy of your save game in its cloud so you can continue playing on another computer. This option is not available if you play offline or have it disabled.


What if the save game stored in my computer and in Origin’s cloud are different?

If you play offline or on more than one computer or if you manually manipulated your save game, the files in the cloud and your local copy can differ from each other.

Origin will warn you and you will be asked which save game you want to use, either your local save game or the save game stored in Origin’s cloud.


If you choose to use your local data, the data in the cloud will be overwritten and hence be lost. If you are unsure which copy is the current one, backup your local files to a safe place and use the cloud one. Should it be the wrong one, you can move it back from your backup.


How do I backup my save game?

  1. Open the folder C:/Users/<your username>/Appdata/Local
    (If you can’t see the folder Appdata, it’s probably hidden – you need to follow these instructions to make it visible).
  2. Locate the folder Unravel and copy it.
  3. Paste the folder in another safe location. Choose a place where it won’t be deleted by mistake and make sure you will remember where your backup is.


How can I have more than one save game?

When you click ‘play’ to open the game, Origin will read the save game profileXXXXXX.pro in C:/Users/<your username>/Appdata/Local/Unravel.

If you want to create a new save game without deleting your current, you just need to change the name of that file. Make sure the game is closed.

You can for example name it profileXXXXXX.pro.save1.

When launching the game, Origin won’t find the file profileXXXXXX.pro, so it will create a new one. You will then have profileXXXXXX.pro.save1 and profileXXXXXX.pro

If you want to play your old save game again, you need to change the name of the files again:

  • Rename profileXXXXXX.pro to profileXXXXXX.pro.save2
  • Rename profileXXXXXX.pro.save1 to profileXXXXXX.pro


How can I share a save game with a friend?

If you want to share your save game with a friend, you can send them your file profileXXXXXX.pro stored in C:/Users/<your username>/Appdata/Local/Unravel.

To load it, your friend will have to change your XXXXXX number for his number in the name of the file.

The file in the cloud will be overwritten by this action so make sure your friend backs his own file up.


How do I enable/disable Origin’s cloud?

You can’t enable/disable cloud storage just for Unravel. You will need to enable/disable it for all your games:

Option 1

  1. Open Origin.
  2. Go to Origin > Application settings > General. You can enable or disable cloud storage under ‘Cloud storage‘ settings.

cloud1.1 cloud1.2

Option 2

  1. Open Origin.
  2. Click on My Games.
  3. Right click on Unravel’s cover.
  4. Choose ‘View game details‘.
  5. You can enable or disable cloud storage under ‘Cloud storage‘ tab.




Will my local save games be deleted if I uninstall the game?

No, they won’t. But it is always recommendable to make a backup.


Will my cloud save be deleted if I uninstall the game?

No, it won’t.