Merge Dragons – Update 1.9.0 for Android

Android Users can now finally update to 1.9.0 as well. This means a lot of changes and new levels.


Update 1.9.0 is out now! It arrives with NEW LEVELS!
– Dragonia has just expanded as 10 Brand New Levels have been added to the game.
– You can now see what the Premium Land looks like in the pop up before you purchase it.
– Level 5 & 6 fountains are now added and completed Shimmer Fountain chain. Also Level 2 Secret Shimmer Fountain is waiting to be found out now!
– New Languages added!: Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Dutch.

There’s changes to the wonders so that you now get eggs and nests on a lot of them when tapping every 10 hours. I got quite a few with all the wonders I have.

There’s also a few bug fixes and also the tap confirm has been made an option. If you want a confirmation question, you have to turn it on again

Before updating, I recommend making a backup of your files: How to backup your files.

If you have any issues, please post in the forums: Merge Dragons Forum