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[ANNO 1800] Corrupt Cloud-Save prevents game from starting


When I try to start my game, it simply crashes . The last message I see is: Synchronizing your save games with the cloud.

I’ve already played quite a few hours so it should run.

I also try to play with a friends account and that works fine.


Unfortunately cloud save games can corrupt and prevent the game from starting because of that.

Especially game updates/patches can have unexpected side effects.


You need to turn off cloud synchronization and get rid of the faulty cloud saves to solve this issue.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Create a backup of your saves folder.
  2. Navigate to the folder  \programs(x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\savegames (folder path can vary depending on your installation) and find all Cloud saves from all Ubisoft Games you’ve played.
  3. Backup the whole folder savegames to a different location on your hard drive, an USB stick or similar.
  4. There’s a folder with a long number for each Ubisoft account. If you have more than one, try the steps below for all of them until it starts working again.
  5. Find the folder with the number 4553 (Anno 1800) and move it to your desktop. Please only move this folder as other numbers refer to other Ubisoft games.
  6. Deactivate cloud saves in Settings in UPlay.
  7. Start the game.
  8. The game should now start again. Instead of clicking on continue it’s best to check the list of savegames to find the newest working one. It’s possible that you loose some progress but that’s better than not being able to play at all.
  9. It should be possible to re-enable cloud synchronization after successfully starting the game.
  10. Before deleting all moved files and backups, make sure all your Ubisoft games still work and that you have your newest savegames.

This solution also works for other Ubisoft games but I don’t know the number of the games.

Slow_84, Delfinaci