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[ANNO 1800] FAQ


On which OS is Anno 1800 available ?

Anno 1800 is available for PC


What are the system requirements ?

The System requirements are as follows:

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In detail: [ANNO 1800] System Requirements


Do I need an Internet connection ?

An Internet connection is required to register the game and start it once. UPlay will be started as well and runs in the background. After that, you can play Anno 1800 in offline mode.


How can I play Anno 1800 offline ?

After logging in once, you can start UPlay in offline mode. To do so, click on the three lines in the upper right corner and then choose Go Offline.

After restarting UPlay you can then start the game in offline mode as well. Multiplayer Mode, the possibility to activate DLC in game and the Ubisoft-Club are unavailable in offline mode.

To make sure UPlay also starts offline on the next game start, also tick the option to always start UPlay in offline modus in Settings – Network.


All club bonus you have already redeemed as well as the achievements are available in offline mode as well. You’ll also play towards new achievements but you need to go online to unlock them one achieved.


Which editions are there and what’s the content ?

Anno 1800 is available in retail and through the Epic Store or Ubisoft. Pre-orders were also available through Steam but this is no longer an option. Steam players will be able to buy all future content on Steam though.

Anno is available as Standard or Deluxe edition (download) or Special or Pioneers Edition (Physical). The versions that are available in retail can contain DVDs but those basically only have a collectors value since the installation through them isn’t really feasible. You still need to download 23 GB of data and the more patches we get, the bigger the download will get.

Through Ubisoft or Epic Store

Standard Edition

Doesn’t contain any extra content.

Deluxe Version

The Deluxe Version is only available digitally through the two stores. It contains the Anarchist as extra character, a digital artbook and soundtrack as well as some exclusive logos. The deluxe content is available to buy separately if you own the Standard edition.

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In Retail

Special Edition

The Special Edition has the same content as the digital Deluxe Edition and can contain physical DVDs (check the cover)

Pioneer’s Edition (mostly not available anymore)

The Pioneer’s Edition has some extra physical content. The edition that was available through retail has 4 DVDs, the one ordered through Ubisoft only has a code and an empty steelbox.

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What is the Imperial Pack ?

The imperial pack was available as pre-order bonus and contains some extra DLC.

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Where can I find my extra content ?

The digital content will be installed along with the game installation and you’ll have access to it through the game.

The digital artbook and content can be found in the following folder:  <installation folder>\Anno 1800\BonusContent

Where can I find my installation folder ?
You can set the standard installation path for Ubisoft games in UPlay. Click on the three lines in the upper right corner and choose settings You can find the path under settings. To find the path for a certain game click in UPlay on Games --> Click on the desired game --> Properties. The path can be found under Local Files. To directly access the folder, click on Open Folder.


How do I redeem my codes ?

Imperial Pack

If you bought the game in retail you get an extra code to redeem. You’ll either get a separate paper or it’s on your receipt.

The code can be redeemed here:  Redeem Code. Login with the account you have the game on and enter the code.

Game Codes

If you bought the game through retail or from a keyseller, you will need to download UPlay, create an account (if you don’t already have one) and log in. Then click on the three lines in the upper right corner and choose Activate Key.

On the window that appears, enter the code and click on Activate.

If you bought your game through the Ubisoft Store, the game should appear on your account.

It will show under Games from where you can download and install.


How do I install the game without DVD drive ?

The 4 DVDs that come with the retail version only have minimal data on it. You will need to download the game no matter what. There should be a code in the box which you can redeem as described in How do I redeem my codes ?. The game will then appear on UPlay from where you can download the game.


Which languages are supported ?

Anno 1800 Supports the following languages

  • Audio + Interface + Subtitles: English, French, German, Russian
  • Interface + Subtitles: Italian, Spanish, Polish, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Korean and Japanese

The audio language is chosen on installation (you can install multiple at the same time if you like) and afterwards you can choose the language in game. You can also add additional languages later through UPlay.


Where can I find my savegames ?

You can find your savegames in the following folder: documents\Anno 1800\accounts

You can find more details here: [ANNO 1800] Everything about Saves


Where can I find my screenshots/photos ?

The screenshots can be found in the following folder: documents\Anno 1800\screenshot

The photos can be found in the following folder :documents\Anno 1800\photography


Everything about Club Rewards

Most club rewards can be bought with club points. There are a few that need to be unlocked a certain way:

  • Emblems that require you to own other games (Siedler 7, Anno 2070, Anno 2205): To get those emblems, you need to install and start the corresponding game
  • Explorer: You can get this emblem if you played the closed beta which took place from January 31st – February 4th 2019
  • Chess Tables: You can get this emblem if you played the open beta which took place from April 12th-14th 2019


Season Pass and DLC

There is already a season pass which can be bought through the Ubisoft Store. There will be 3 DLC and some cosmetic content that is available already.

DLC can also be bough seperatly when they are released but you can save some money by getting the Season Pass.

People that have preordered the game through Steam should be able to buy the pass on the page of the game or through this link: Anno 1800 – Season Pass

On top of that there are also a few free updates planned, especially a COOP Mode and a statistical building.

More details about them can be found in the Anno Union: Announcing the Anno 1800 Seasons Pass and our free content plans.