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  • Error,  Windows

    Invalid license. Reason code = Missing DLL: [MFPlat.DLL] Error: 0x7E

    Problem I get the following error message when trying to start the game We’re sorry, an error has occurred. Invalid licence. Reason code = Missing DLL: [MFPlat.DLL] Error: 0x7E Cause This issue occurs if you have the Windows N or Windows KN editions which include the same Features as the standard Windows except media related technologies (aka Windows Media Player) Solution Install the necessary files separately. You can download them from here. To install, simply double-click on the downloaded file Windows 10 Windows 8.1 Further Reading Missing DLL: [msvcp120.dll]

  • Origin/EA-App,  Tutorial

    [ORIGIN] Deactivate Origin in Game

    Introduction A special feature of Origin is the so called Origin in game. It allows you to chat with your friends in game, to stream your game or to access an Internet browser. More details can be found here: How To Get the Most Out of Origin In Game Unfortunate this feature can also lead to issues so while troubleshooting your game, it can be important to turn off Origin in game. You can either turn if off for all games or only for a specific game. Turn Origin in game completely off. Open Origin Click on Origin – Application Settings…

  • Tutorial,  Windows

    Critical Events

    Steps to take Error messages and logs can most often help identifying why a program crashes. Windows logs a lot but it’s sometimes hard to find out where. Once such place is the reliability monitor. Follow these steps to get the error from that monitor. Opening the reliability monitor Show critical events A window will open that has several segments The segments that have a red circle with an X are the critical events that occurred on your system. Click on the X to see more info on the events (newest ones are always on the right) Choose the ones…

  • Error,  Windows

    Missing DLL: [msvcpXXX.dll]

    Problem I get the following error message when trying to start the game We’re sorry, an error has occurred. Invalid license. Reason code = Missing DLL: [msvcpXXX.dll] Cause The game needs files from the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable to run correctly. Unfortunately they are often not properly installed leading to this error. The number can vary and corresponds to the following pack: MSVCP80.dll belongs to Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 MSVCP90.dll belongs  to Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 MSVCP100.dll belongs to Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 MSVCP110.dll belongs to Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 MSVCP120.dll belongs to Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 MSVCP140.dll belongs to Microsoft Visual…

  • Error,  Origin/EA-App

    [ORIGIN] Play button won’t unlock

    Problem The play button in Origin stays gray and because of this I can’t start the game. Cause Something is still blocking the button, making it think you didn’t update properly The game is already running in the background Solution Open your task manager and look for a process called TS4.exe. Try running the game from there or kill the process. Exit Origin completely by clicking on Exit in the menu (clicking on X does not close Origin, it just minimizes it to the tray) and restart Origin as Administrator. Reinstall Origin (you won’t loose your game and the warning…

  • Error,  Windows

    VC++ error code 1603

    Problem I get the following error message trying to install the game. Error: The VC++ runtime redistributable package was not installed successfully. Setup cannot continue. (1603)  Solutions This error can have several causes. Below a few things you can try: Start as Administrator Right-Click on the Origin Icon on your desktop Choose Run as Administrator. Uninstall faulty Update Go to Uninstall or change a program Click on Installed Updates Click on Name to sort the updates alphabetically Find Security Update for Microsoft Windows (KB2918614) Uninstall the Update Restart your computer Reinstall Sims 4 again as administrator. Reinstall VC ++  Redistributable Check…

  • Origin/EA-App,  Tutorial

    How to contact EA

    For many issues, the only way to get help is by contacting EA Customer Support. Examples for such issues are problems with your accounts, purchases and serial numbers. EA Game Advisors can be found as follow Click on  Follow instructions on the screen. In Details here: How to contact a Game Advisor