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    Crinrict in Moonlight Falls

    Gamescom Information on Supernatural The new town  Moonlight Falls is crawling with supernatural beings. There are fairies, werewolves, ghosts, witches and vampires but also a few normal Sims. You can meet the three Goth ghosts Samuel, Frida and Olivia, the family Wolff (werewolves of course) and the Crumplebottom Witches Beatrice, Belinda and Bianca. There are a few flat-sharing Sims, the Singhs, McDuffs, Knopfler, Ivy, Grimm and what their names are (note that the names are from the German version of the Game). They are great to test them out before diving into your own game. The landscape is rather flat which…

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    The main point of supernatural are of course the supernatural beings Each supernatural has their own frame color (like the vampires do) so you see what creatures call themselves your friends and enemies. Fairies Fairies existing in all shapes – thin or fat, toddler or elders, all of them have beautiful wings in different shapes and colors. Even children can play tricks on other Sims or show off their flying skills. Fairies can walk normally but sometimes they hover above ground. They can live in small fairy houses that exist in to variations and that can be found on many…

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    Behind the curtains – Options and more

    Supernatural also brings us some changes in the UI. There are new options, a collectors journal and something new about the ingame store ads. My assumptions is that most of these will also be in the patch but if that is true for the lunar cycle, I really don’t know. Options Options are still global for all savegames. If you want saves with supernaturals and saves without, you need to change the options frequently. You can use AnyGameStarter for this or you can have several Options.ini files which you rename with every savegame you have. As advertised you can turn…

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    A diving board for Crinrict

    Seasons Gamescom Information Splash! The kid jumps from the diving board. Yes, that was a jump not a dive and a splashy one too. His mom who’s standing nearby is got all wet. Kiddo needs to practice a lot more until he gets those different dives down. Luckily the boy is still young and rather skinny for the bigger and heavier the Sim, the more will get wet around the pool when they do a splash bomb. In the background we can see the summer gnome (in the presentation, not the pic). There will be one for each Season. The…

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    Sims 3 Seasons

    Diving coming to the Sims Update 09/21/2012: Just read the news on SimsVIP: Diving boards are coming with the seasons patch. You don’t need to buy the EP to get them. Thanks EA.  I usually don’t share EA news but I have to share this Assuming that this are the right kind of dives (the ones from the diving board) I have to say: THANK YOU EA. It took you long enough but Crin and I are very pleased. For those who wanna see the whole trailer of this amazing looking EP, go here: Trailer. Sims starts at about 1h11.

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    EA’s New Help Center

    EA has opened a new Help Center. ATM it’s still Beta and you can submit your ideas for making it better as well. It’s English only  but for all EA games, including Sims 2. Every game has it’s own section. Answer HQ To join, you simply log on with your OriginID. I’m still unsure if they want to get rid of their old forum or at least the tech section or what their main goal is but time will tell. It has some pretty neat features like earning XPs by answering posts. You can also let EA know if a…