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    Sims 4 – Buy & Build Mode

    The third Sims 4 presentation was about Buy & Build Mode. Aaron Houts (SimGuruHouts) showed us the new features and how fast you can now build a house. Build Mode Build mode is now very modular. The player can build a fancy house with a few clicks. Rooms can be made bigger and smaller by pulling and pushing. Already placed furniture that doesn’t fit anymore is simply placed in your inventory. Walls that touch to form a closed area are recognized as room by the game. Those rooms can then be rotated and moved. This way you can completely change your…

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    Sims 4 – Emotions

    One of the biggest new features that will come with Sims 4 are emotions. Sims are no longer keeping their feelings to themselves, they show you if they are happy, sad or angry. This shows in their faces as well as in the way they walk. Grant Rodiek (SimGuruGrant) introduced us to the topic. You can get a first impression yourself by watching the second part on the official Sims 4 Gameplay Video which shows part of what we got to see too. A warning up front The system is new and there are many things that will still change…

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    Crinrict visits the future – Into the future preview

    At SimsCamp and the German community event at Gamescom we had ample time to test the upcoming expansion pack Into the Future. We did have to share computers but it was interesting to look over the shoulder of other players and watch what they were doing. Functionality The new expansions comes with many new, futuristic objects and is a mix of World Adventures and a conventional expansion pack. Traveling to and from the future is probably based on the same (buggy) system as World Adventures and University Life. Contrary to both the older expansions, your sims can stay in the future…

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    Crinrict’s SimsCamp Adventures

    When I found my invitation to SimsCamp in Cologne in my in-box in june, I could hardly believe it. The anticipation was big and the expectations even higher and the event that took place from August 20th to August 22nd 2013 at the German computer game show did exceed those. The whole event was very well organized and despite a little issue here and there, everything went like clockwork. The time table was pretty full and I don’t think anyone got much sleep that week but it was so worth it. Photo: EA After SimsCamp I also had the opportunity…

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    Sims 4 – CAS Preview

    First topic at SimsCamp was the new CAS. Jill Johnson (SimGuruJill) showed us the the most important chances and then we got to try CAS on the computer ourselves. The new CAS looks very lean and with only a few controls which gives you a bit of a scare at first. The biggest change is that there are (hardly) any sliders anymore. Everything is manipulated directly on the Sim itself. You can see how that works in the official Sims 4 gameplay video Create a Sim Not all aspects of your Sim can be changed but there’s a few new…

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    Sitting here at Zuerich Airport waiting for my flight to leave. Most of the others are already in Cologne and I can’t wait to meet them What reports to expect on crinrict.com I’m still unsure how to handle the whole thing since there are so many site going to post so much stuff. SimsVIP has a list of participants so you know which sites to check out. I will probably not be posting anything during Gamescom week but save it all for afterwards. I’m just going to enjoy myself. Reporting directly is not really the focus of my site and to…

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    As many other Simmers I’ve been invited by EA to attend SimsCamp in Cologne. I will have the opportunity to take a look at Sims 4 and Sims 3 Into the future. I did not receive a detailed program yet but what I can see on the short description I got, sounds very exciting. I’m still a little unsure how to organize my posts here and on which aspects I should focus. It will be way to early to say anything about any bugs and you’ll read all about the most important News and features on other sites. I will…

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    How to contact EA

    For many issues, the only way to get help is by contacting EA Customer Support. Examples for such issues are problems with your accounts, purchases and serial numbers. EA Game Advisors can be found as follow Click on https://help.ea.com/en/contact-us/  Follow instructions on the screen. In Details here: How to contact a Game Advisor

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    Crinrict on Twitter

    I finally made a twitter account Follow @crinrict There will be some News in German on there as well. What is my Twitter Account for Infos on new blog posts Infos on new or updated mods (if I find them worthy) Infos on new problems I’m not making a post on cause there are no solutions Infos on new problems that I don’t have the time to make a post about atm. Questions from me to you to get more info/solutions about a certain problem Infos from you to me if you know something about a bug or even have…

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    Crin goes to Gamescom

    Dear readers, I’ve posted a few not-help-blog-like posts over the past few days.The reason why is that – as many other German fan sites – I was invited to go to Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. I was able to see a closed door presentation about Supernatural and Seasons and had the opportunity to play Supernatural for a bit. The two days were epic and I really enjoyed meeting people from other fan sites and to chat with the moderators of the German official forum. It was a pity that the producers didn’t have more time, I would have loved a…