• Error,  Origin/EA-App

    [ORIGIN] Play button won’t unlock

    Problem The play button in Origin stays gray and because of this I can’t start the game. Cause Something is still blocking the button, making it think you didn’t update properly The game is already running in the background Solution Open your task manager and look for a process called TS4.exe. Try running the game from there or kill the process. Exit Origin completely by clicking on Exit in the menu (clicking on X does not close Origin, it just minimizes it to the tray) and restart Origin as Administrator. Reinstall Origin (you won’t loose your game and the warning…

  • Origin/EA-App,  Tutorial

    Delete cache files

    To be able to load faster, Apps store data in so called cache files. The App checks on startup if those files are available and if so, they are loaded. If they are not available, they are created. Over time these files accumulate out-of-date data and because of this, it’s best to delete them from time to time (just as you delete your browsers cache from time to time)