Getting the game to recognize your graphics card


There are two reasons why the game won’t recognize your graphics card properly

To check if the game recognizes your card, open the file documents\electronicarts\thesims3\DeviceConfig.log or documents\electronicarts\thesims4\Config.log with any text editor.

You need to search for this section

=== Graphics device info ===
Number: 0
Name (driver): <Name of your Graphics Card>
Name (database): <Name of your Graphics Card> [Found: 0, Matched: 1]

Important is the Found behind your graphics card. If it says Found: 0, then your card is not properly recognized.


If you have a Nvidia Graphics card you can try to start the game through the Nvidia Experience instead of the solutions below.

Your card is too new

Please refer to this article at the MTS Wiki: Game Help:Getting new graphics cards recognized by the game

Please make sure to backup your original files. You will need to replace them with the originals before you patch or install an EP and then re-add your changes to the new file. Check if EA has added your card themselves before doing so.

Patching Instructions if you did this

  1. Make sure you know what you changed before
  2. Make a copy of the GraphicCards.orig file to your desktop from wherever you stored it.
  3. Make a copy of the GraphicsRules.orig file to your desktop from wherever you stored it.
  4. Rename both files so that they have the .sgr extension: GraphicCards.sgr and GraphicsRules.sgr
  5. Move the files from the Desktop to Origin_Games\thesimsX\Game\Bin (X being 3 or 4 depending on the game you want to do this for)
  6. Patch the game and/or install the EP.
  7. Re-Add your changes

You have two graphics cards

Depending on the type of graphics card you want your system to use, the approach is slightly different.


  1. Right-click on your desktop and choose Nvidia Control Panel
  2. Click on Manage 3D settings.
  3. Click on the Program Settings tab if its not already selected.
  4. Step 1: Select TS3W.exe. Use the Add button to get it since it usually doesn’t show up in the drop-down list on its own. You find the file in [installation directory]\thesims3\Game\Bin
  5. Step 2: Select High-Performance Nvidia Processor.



  1. Right-click and choose Configure switchable graphics.
  2.  A window opens that will allow you to choose that card for whatever programs you want.
  3. Make sure the check box in this window that says show a pop up warning for unassigned applications is checked
  4. The next time you run the game, a pop up should open and let you designate the better graphics card for the game.
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