• Anno 1800,  Patch

    [ANNO 1800] Patch 5.0 – September 10th, 2019

    Patch Size 2.51 GB Patch Notes Source: Ubisoft Highlights Added support for the new Botanica DLC (available as part of the Anno 1800 Season Pass or as a standalone purchase), which allows you to turn your city green with a new modular botanical garden. Let there be night! We have added a new dynamic day & night cycle to make sure your city looks stunning at any time of day! In addition to the cycle, you can at any time select one of four lighting presets (dawn, day, dusk or night). Added new plaza tiles and reworked four existing ornaments…

  • Anno 1800,  Patch

    [ANNO 1800] Patch 4.2 – August 6th, 2019

    Patch Notes Source: Ubisoft Fixed an issue where some piers and trading posts were not correctly registered by trading ships. Ships will now check all available options to unload their cargo when stopping at an island. All participants of a multiplayer match with the Sunken Treasures content will now receive the discovery expedition when loading a savegame in which the unlock conditions are fulfilled. Previously, it could happen that only the host of a match received the discovery quests when loading a multiplayer match with an existing savegame. Fixed a minor issue where the Sunken Treasures discovery expedition would still…

  • Anno 1800,  Patch

    [ANNO 1800] Patch 4.1 – August 1st, 2019

    Patch Notes Source: Ubisoft Fixed a situation where a blueprint of a building that costs influence would break the influence count of player’s save file upon reload. Fixed an unintended behaviour where an Enemy AI’s Trading Post could drop upon destruction a lot of scrap resource which could’ve been sold for huge amount of money. Fixed a graphical issue that occurs with the maximum zoom level which affected the visibility of buildings in the distance.

  • Anno 1800,  Patch

    [ANNO 1800] Patch 4.0 – July 30th 2019

    Patch Notes Source: Ubisoft Highlights While “Sunken Treasures” is paid content, everything you will find in the Release Notes below will be free for all Anno 1800 players as part of Game Update 4. You can now zoom the camera significantly further out, giving you a better overview of your majestic islands (which you can activate in the Gameplay options menu). We have further improved and optimized game performance, leading to smoother gameplay across most graphics settings. As part of this, users will now also note an improved viewing range. A new, improved minimum stock system has been added to…

  • Anno 1800,  Patch

    [ANNO 1800] Patch 3.2 – July 8th 2019

    Patch Size 546 MB Patch Notes Source: Ubisoft Fixed an issue that prevented the campaign quest “Prosperity for all” from being completed due to a timing issue with the quest. This fix applies retroactively to affected saves. Fixed a potential issue with hostile ship spawns during the campaign quest “One Hand washes the other”. Fixed a potential show stopping issue after completion of the campaign quest “Release and ease”. Fixed a potential stability issue that could appear when finishing a campaign-specific expedition and switching sessions immediately after. This could happen at the end of campaign chapter 2. Fixed an issue…

  • Anno 1800,  Patch

    [ANNO 1800] Patch 3.1 – June 7th, 2019

    Update 3 brought a few new bugs: Missing information on charter routes Can’t build in harbor areas Crashes for existing saves These issues have gotten fixed in a hotfix. Patch Size 430 MB Patch Notes Source: Ubisoft Fixed an issue blocking players from finishing the “Prosperity for All” campaign quest on savegames created prior to Game Update 3. When players now load an older save, the game will check if the prosperity quest is active but cannot be completed and will then automatically resolve the quest for the player. Fixed an issue that could cause a crash of the game…

  • Anno 1800,  Bugs

    [ANNO 1800] Achievements window constantly opens

    Problem Since Update 3 the window with the achievements constantly opens up without being triggered. Cause Since Update 3, the key A opens the achievement window. This leads to a double assignment for the A-key for players that don’t have direction keys on their keyboard as A also pans the camera to the left (WASD). Solution Open the options and choose the tab Controls. Just assign a different key to Toggle company menu. Further Reading [ANNO 1800] Patch 03 – June, 5th 2019 [ANNO 1800] Turning off right-click menu resets on the next game start

  • Anno 1800,  Patch

    [ANNO 1800] Patch 03 – June, 5th 2019

    The upcoming patch is rather big and brings several improvements and bug fixes I recommend making a backup before patching. Patch Size ca. 2.2 GB Patch Notes Quelle: Ubisoft Highlights Game Update 3 adds support for The Anarchist character and associated content for all owners of the Digital Deluxe and Pioneers Editions. Owners of the Standard Edition can buy The Anarchist as part of the Digital Deluxe Edition Upgrade. The first expedition event from our Anno Union contest and vote, “The Great Sickness”, is now in the game and awaits intrepid explorers. We have reworked interface elements for the World…

  • Anno 1800,  By Design

    [ANNO 1800] Farm shows missing fields although there’s plenty

    Problem My farm shows missing fields although I’ve build the required amount of fields. Cause Make sure you don’t build the fields while in blueprint mode. Fields build in this mode are visually very hard to distinguish from the normal ones. Solution Click on one of the fields and then click on the Upgrade button to actually build the fields. If the farm itself is also in blueprint mode, the fields will be built automatically if you build the farm itself.