EA app replaces Origin for Windows users for good

As per March 1st 2023 it looks like everyone on PC is being migrated to EA app. This means that the transition period is over. Mac user are still on Origin at this time.

Ea app still has a few features missing and some problems, especially with older games but they are being worked on.

I put together a FAQ for the new EA app here: [EA app] FAQ that will hopefully help you make the transition. There’s also a Sims 4 specific FAQ here: Sims 4 and EA app. Both posts are work in progress as things change in Ea app.

If you try to open Origin, you will get a message that you need to migrate over to Ea app, giving you a download link so you can make the switch easily. Origin will be uninstalled and it will not let you use Origin any longer if you try to reinstall.

Features missing on EA app

  • Gifting
  • Moving installations
  • Changing language
  • Wish lists/ Shopping cart
  • Possibly some ingame options I never use or don’t know about

General known issues

Known Issues with Sims 3

  • CAW does not work with EA app
  • Sims 3 Store content needs to be re-downloaded from the purchase history. You can’t install the old files. Existing installations need to be deleted and the content installed from the new files.

General Troubleshooting on EA app

  • Make sure you logged in with the correct account. Always use your email address and not your user name to log in
  • Clear the cache for EA app (instruction in the linked EA app FAQ)
  • Add EA app (standard path: C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\EA Desktop\EA Desktop\EADesktop.exe) as an exception to your antivirus program.
  • Terminate EA app and EA background service via the task manager, then restart.
  • Run EA app as administrator and in compatibility mode.
  • If all fails, check AHQ for further tips or post there for help.