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[EA app] FAQ

Below you can find some commonly asked questions about EA’s replacement for Origin. Origin can still be used for the time being, especially since quite a few features haven’t been implemented in the app yet. For older games especially it’s advisable to still use Origin.

You can download Origin here (link will immediately initiate the download): Mac, PC

Please see this post of Sims 4 specific questions: Sims 4 and EA app. I would not recommend EA app for any older Sims titles at the moment.

For more common questions, please refer to the official EA app FAQ.

Yes. As per March, 1st 2023 everyone that is on Windows was migrated over to EA app.

Mac user continue to use Origin.

No, you won’t lose any save games or content you have added to your game. Switching over to EA app should have no effects on playing the game (exceptions because of issues apply).

I do recommend backing up your user data though. You can usually find a folder for your game in Documents\Electronic Arts.

If you do find your saves missing, make sure you weren’t switched from the local folder to oneDrive or vice versa.

No, you don’t need to do anything. EA app will just recognize your installation.

The default installation path has changed from C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games to C:\Program Files\EA Games but if you changed your path in Origin, that should be reflected in the settings in EA app as well.


Click on the triple bar and choose Settings

Click on the Download Tab.

Under Downloads you can edit the path or restore the default.

The path set here only affects games you newly install. Already installed games will not be moved.

It’s currently not possible to move your installation to a different location. You will need to uninstall the game and reinstall it to your new location or continue to use Origin instead.


You need an active Internet connection. The process can take a few minutes depending on your connection. The progress is constantly shown though. If the process starts to hang, it’s best to click on Cancel or if that doesn’t work, shut down EA App and try again.

Start EA app and log in

Click on Library

Click on the three dots on the desired game or click on the game and choose Manage.

Click on Repair

Wait until the process has finished and the Download Manager shows as completed with a check mark.

If you have any DLC for the game, that will also be repaired automatically.

Make sure to wait until everything is completed in the Download manager before starting the game.

Source: EA


Use this method if EA app opens normally and you need to fix a problem within the app

Click on the triple bar in the upper left corner and choose Help App Recovery

Click Clear Cache in the appearing window.

EA app automatically restarts.


Use this method if EA app doesn’t open

Click on the Windows Start menu and find the EA folder, expand that with the down arrow and click on App Recovery

Click Clear Cache in the appearing window.

EA app automatically starts when the cache files are cleared.

EA app does have an offline mode but it’s only active during a given session. Once you exit EA app and log back in, you will be online again. To be truly offline you need to cut your Internet connection.

Click on the triple bar and choose Go Offline/Online

Different from Origin, EA app lets you change the language on the fly. This means EA app does not need to be restarted after changing the language. Be aware that currently not all languages that are supported for Origin are supported for EA app


Click on the triple bar and choose Settings.

Click on the Application tab

Choose a different language from the drop-down menu. You can also change your region here.

It’s currently not possible to change the language of a game in EA app. Either reinstall Origin or reinstall the game and choose a different language from the install menu.

The In-game overlay in EA app is the same as Origin-in-game. It provides an overlay while you play the game that displays friends list and similar. As Origin-in-game it can lead to issues, so if you don’t need it, it’s best to just turn it off.


Click on the triple bar and choose Settings.

Click on the Application tab.

Scroll down to In-game overlay. Set the toggle to off/on depending on your preferences.

If you don’t want to update EA app immediately each time there’s an update for it, you can turn automatic updates off in your settings. This does not affect updating your games.


Click on the triple bar and choose Settings.

Click on the Application tab.

Set the toggle for Application updates to off/on depending on your preferences.

If you prefer to update a game on your own terms, you can do so. If you start EA app, it will do so in online mode unless you cut the Internet connection. If you turned off automatic updates, the game will ask you to update and you can’t play until you do. To get around this, you can place the game in offline mode which will revert the button to Play.

Be aware that any online components won’t be playable until you update your game.


Click on the triple bar and choose Settings.

Click on the Download tab.

Set the toggle for Update games automatically to off/on depending on your preferences.

You can also enable/disable background downloads here.

EA app does not seem to have this option. If you want to turn them off, you need to use Origin.


Click on the triple bar and on About.

Find the version number on top of the appearing window.

This method only works if you add the arguments in online mode. Command line arguments can’t be added while you’re offline. They do work if you add them in online mode and then go offline.

The command line arguments do not work if you start the game through its shortcut. Please use shortcut instructions for that method.


Start EA app and Login

Find the game in Library

Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the game and choose View Properties

Under Advanced Launch Options put the arguments and click Save

If you want to add multiple arguments, separate them with a space.

EA app is currently Windows only. Continue to use Origin.

It should work the same way now as with Origin but there are still problems.

If you buy a game somewhere else or get a free code, you will need to redeem this code on your account to get the game.


Click on Library and then on the Redeem Code button.

Enter the code in the window that appears and click Next.

Verify that you are redeeming the code on the correct account.

Find the new game in Library or in Add-ons of your game to download and install.

Gifting is currently not an option on EA app.

EA app currently has a few issues. Try the following if the game or DLC of the game doesn’t show up in Library or doesn’t appear the game.

  • Make sure you logged in with the correct account. Always use the email address to login and not the user name
  • Try repairing the game
  • Delete the cache files
  • EA app is unable to recognize DLC properly if you don’t have an active Internet connection (Bug)
  • Starte EA app as administrator or in comparability mode.

You can report your issues or get help at EA app Bug Reports & Technical Issues at AHQ.

If you have issues related to your account, it’s best to contact support directly.

EA has a Trello board where you can check the newest developments (although it doesn’t seem to get updated as regularly anymore). You don’t need a Trello account to check it out.

There is currently no list but you can check out the EA app Bug Reports & Technical Issue forum at AHQ for info on what’s being reported.

Last Updated: March 12, 2023