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    [ORIGIN] How to redeem a Game Key/Code

    Introduction If you buy game directly on Origin, you won’t get any keys. The game is automatically added to your game library. There are means to get game keys/codes though that you can redeem through Origin so the game gets added to your account. Be aware that any DLC will appear on the base game and not as separate entry. These cases include Buying the game through a trusted seller Buying a key in a box or other boxed retail versions Winning a key How to Redeem Keys can be redeemed on Origin. You need to an EA Origin Account…

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    [ORIGIN] Games Tabbing Out/ Games randomly auto-launching

    Problem I’m playing an Origin game but it randomly tabs out, minimizes or goes to windowed mode Origin coming to the front while playing a game. While doing something else, another Origin game randomly starts up Origin randomly starts itself, asking me to login. Cause Probably an issue with recognizing the licenses. Solution Close Origin Stop the following processes through the task Manager: OriginWebHelperService.exe and OriginClientService.exe Delete all files in the following folders (These folders are hidden, you need to unhide them first) C:\ProgramData\Electronic Arts\EA Services\License  C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Local\Electronic Arts\EA Services\License Restart Origin

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    [ORIGIN] Issues with installing and updating Origin and Origin Games

    Problem Some system currently have issues updating and installing Origin itself as well as downloading patches of Origin games. Cour download has been paused. Origin needs to download files and is waiting for permission. Error Codes 9:0: Whoops – an installer encountered an error Cause It looks like that the Origin Windows services “Origin Client Service” and “Origin Web Helper Service” are unable to give the correct permissions to the program. Without those services, the program would show a UAC prompt which doesn’t appear if the services are active. Solution Workaround that currently works Press the windows key Type: Services Click…

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    [ORIGIN] Legacy Client is being retired

    Introduction EA announced yesterday that they will drop support for the Origin Legacy Client starting January 14th, 2020. This doesn’t have anything to do with the Sims 4 Legacy Edition that was published recently What does that mean ? All players on older, unsupported operating systems had to download the Origin Legacy Client. Those are in detail: Windows: Windows XP and Windows Vista (and everything older) Mac: Lion 10.7 und Mountain Lion 10.8 (and everything older) With the retirement of the Origin Legacy Version those players won’t be able to play any Origin games after January 14th, 2020 on these…

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    [ORIGIN] Choose the language

    Introduction You will be prompted to choose your language on installing the game. Players that like to switch their language later, can do so fairly easily. You will need an active Internet Connection. Be aware that not all games have all languages and not all countries have all languages available. It depends on the game for which languages it’s being localized which is listed in the details of the game. Unfortunately this list isn’t filtered by country. Because of this, it may happen that some languages aren’t available to you. Unfortunately you only know after buying the game which ones…

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    [ORIGIN] Deactivate Origin in Game

    Introduction A special feature of Origin is the so called Origin in game. It allows you to chat with your friends in game, to stream your game or to access an Internet browser. More details can be found here: How To Get the Most Out of Origin In Game Unfortunate this feature can also lead to issues so while troubleshooting your game, it can be important to turn off Origin in game. You can either turn if off for all games or only for a specific game. Turn Origin in game completely off. Open Origin Click on Origin – Application Settings…

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    [ORIGIN] Play button won’t unlock

    Problem The play button in Origin stays gray and because of this I can’t start the game. Cause Something is still blocking the button, making it think you didn’t update properly The game is already running in the background Solution Open your task manager and look for a process called TS4.exe. Try running the game from there or kill the process. Exit Origin completely by clicking on Exit in the menu (clicking on X does not close Origin, it just minimizes it to the tray) and restart Origin as Administrator. Reinstall Origin (you won’t loose your game and the warning…