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    [SIMS 2] Ultimate Collection Update removes SecuRom

    Today the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection got a small update that brings the game more inline with Origin. Downloading and testing reveals, that this means SecuRom has finally been removed from the Ultimate Collection which gives it much better compatibility with Windows 10 as SecuRom and Win 10 don’t like each other very much. The update probably won’t remove SecuRom from your computer if you already have it. To remove SecuROM from your computer, you can use the SecuRom Removal Tool. Sims 2 should continue to function as it should after doing so. The price for this change is that…

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    City Living Event in Cologne

    Introduction  As for other expansions before I followed an invitation from EA Germany to the City Living event in Cologne and was able to get an impression of what we can expect with the new expansion pack. The event was taking place at the Unitymedia Medialofts. We were well taken care of and could enjoy some international food at the lunch buffet. We were able to play the game for about 6 hours after an approx. 20 min presentation by SimGuruGrant. It was not possible to import any existing Sims or savegames so that we all started with a brand new game. Since…

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    [UNRAVEL] Unravel Collector’s Edition

      As Unravel_Game tweeted today on their channel they will be selling a collector’s edition containing a Yarny Doll The collector’s Edition will be exclusively sold at Best Buy in North America at this point for $34.99 starting July 31st 2016 It’s only for XBox One and PS4. The PC Version is not getting a Collector’s Edition for now.

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    [UNRAVEL] A sequel for Unravel already in development

    A couple of weeks ago Electronic Arts announced an extension of the partnership with Coldwood, the studio that made Unravel possible. In that blog post, EA didn’t reveal any information about the new project, but Polygon reached to them and was confirmed that they are working in the next Unravel game. Really good news for our lovely Yarny!