[ORIGIN] How to change the Installation Path

Changing the Installation Path

For EA games you can set the default installation path of a game through Origin

Click on OriginApplication Settings and choose the tab Installation and Saves.

In Game Library location you can set the default path for all EA games.

Changing the path will not automatically move already installed games to a different location but all newly installed games will get their own folder within that path.

The path given there will tell you where you’re game is probably installed, especially if you never changed it.

C:\Program Files(x86)\Origin Games is the default path.

There’s no option to set the path individually for each game. If you want to install the game at a different place then the rest, change the location of the library before installing the game and change it back after the installation is done or simply move the game after installing.

Moving a game to a different installation path

Sometimes it desirable to have your game on a different location from where it was initially installed. For example if you bought a new hard drive and want the games on there, or the space on your c drive is getting sparse and you need to free up some space, or you simply did some reorganization on your drive and want it somewhere else.

I do not recommend installing the game on an external drive or USB stick.

Up till now, you had to uninstall the game and reinstall it again on the new location, which also meant to redownload the entire game.

Origin now has an option to help with that. You can just move it with a single click and Origin will do all the needed registry updates for you.

  1. Open Origin and chose My Game Library
  2. Right-Click on the game and choose Move Game
  3. You will be promoted to choose a new folder you want the game installed to
  4. The game will then verify your Game and move your files for the game and all it’s DLC. Be patient.
  5. Start the game from it’s new location