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[UNRAVEL] Unravel 1 and 2 in 21:9 with no black bars


Unravel 2 does support a 21:9 resolution but there are black bars on either side nonetheless. To get rid of these bars, you need to edit the exe-file manually with a HEX-Editor.

IMPORTANT: Create a backup of the exe files before following the instructions below.


Before you can start, you need to find the hexadecimal value of the resolution you would like to use.

Some common 21:9 values are

  • 2560×1080 (hexadecimal value = 26B41740)
  • 3440×1440 (hexadecimal value = 8EE31840)

If you need the hexadecimal value of a different resolution, you can use a small tool called ResHex. 

Simply enter the desired resolution in the fields (horizontal and vertical) and copy the value in the field Combined Hex for later use


To change the hexadecimal value of the exe file, you will need a Hex Editor like HxD (Freeware).

  1. Make sure Origin is completely closed (Exit Origin so that it doesn’t show in your system tray anymore)
  2. Make a Backup of the file UnravelTwo.exe to a safe place (IMPORTANT in case something goes wrong)
  3. Open the HexEditor
  4. In the HxD Window, choose Open and navigate to UnravelTwo.exe  (Standard installation path:  \Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\UnravelTwo) -> select the file and open it.
  5. Click on Search -> Find
  6. In the Window Find enter the value 398EE33F in the search for field. (Make sure to select the Data type Hex-values) and press OK.
  7. The value is now being displayed in the UnravelTwo.exe
  8. Again click on Search in the menu of HxD and choose Replace.
  9. The first value 398EE33F should still be visible in the search for line. In the replace with field, enter either the hex value für your 21:9 (for 2560×1080 = 26B41740, for 3440×1440 = 8EE31840) or the Combined Hex value which you have gotten through  ResHex if you want to use a different resolution.
  10. The new value should now show in your UnravelTwo.exe. (The red value is only an example)
  11. Save the whole thing
  12. Now start the game through Origin. There should no longer be any black bars in your game.
  13. This should work the same way for Unravel 1. Just use the unravel.exe instead of unravelTwo.exe
For pictures and instructions: Holger1405