Anno 1800,  By Design

[ANNO 1800] All money suddenly gone


I had a large amount of money and suddenly I’m in the negative although I didn’t buy anything


There are several options where the money might have gone

  • Only buy a small amount of watches and phonographs. They are pretty expensive and if you fill your warehouses with them your money can vanquish fast.
  • If you buy items from other fractions it can get very expensive. The option to reroll offered items is a bottomless pit. If you click on the button once, it costs 5000 coins, the second time it costs 10’000 coins and the third time 15’000. Each reroll costs an extra 5000 coins which can make all your money disappear in no time.
  • Watch your supply and that all productions works as it should. If your population is starting to miss something, they move away leading to insufficient work force which in turns leads to the production chains lagging in all aspects. It can go downwards fast.
  • The building on higher levels can also be expensive. Watch the prices.
  • There also seems to be a bug where you loose all money and get a message that you lost the game.