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    [UNRAVEL] Unravel Collector’s Edition

      As Unravel_Game tweeted today on their channel they will be selling a collector’s edition containing a Yarny Doll The collector’s Edition will be exclusively sold at Best Buy in North America at this point for $34.99 starting July 31st 2016 It’s only for XBox One and PS4. The PC Version is not getting a Collector’s Edition for now.

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    [UNRAVEL] A sequel for Unravel already in development

    A couple of weeks ago Electronic Arts announced an extension of the partnership with Coldwood, the studio that made Unravel possible. In that blog post, EA didn’t reveal any information about the new project, but Polygon reached to them and was confirmed that they are working in the next Unravel game. Really good news for our lovely Yarny!

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    [UNRAVEL] Stuttering Game

    Problem My game stutters a lot and is very choppy Cause This can have several causes Another program interfering in the background Your computer doesn’t fulfill the requirements Outdated Graphics Drivers Origin in Game/Origin Overlay interfering Things you can try Check if a backup/virus scan or something else is taking a lot of processor power away in the background Perform a clean boot to find out what programs are interfering. Check the system requirements to make sure you fulfill them. Update your graphics drivers Turn off Origin In game (choose Unravel and not Sims if you want to disable it for…

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    [UNRAVEL] General FAQ

    Which are the PC system requirements for Unravel? You can check the system requirements for Unravel on PC here.   What platforms is Unravel available on? Unravel is available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.   Is there an Unravel trial? There is an Unravel trial available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. You will be able to play the first level of the game for 10h.   Where can I buy Unravel? If you want to purchase this amazing game but don’t know where, we have some recommendations for you. Keep in mind that Unravel is only sold digitally,…