Origin/EA-App,  Tutorial

[ORIGIN] Choose the language


You will be prompted to choose your language on installing the game. Players that like to switch their language later, can do so fairly easily. You will need an active Internet Connection.

Be aware that not all games have all languages and not all countries have all languages available.

It depends on the game for which languages it’s being localized which is listed in the details of the game. Unfortunately this list isn’t filtered by country. Because of this, it may happen that some languages aren’t available to you. Unfortunately you only know after buying the game which ones those are. It’s best to contact support before buying if you want to be sure.

  • Click on the store in the Origin Client or the Origin Website and look for the desired game
  • Click on the game
  • Click on the tab Overview
  • Under Supported languages you will find all the languages the game was localized in.
Origin games are normally available in English only for the UK and in Polish/Czech/Russian for Poland/Czech/Russia and a few other countries.

The available languages are dependent in which country you bought the game. Because of this, it should be possible to buy a key on Amazon.de or Amazon.com and get the all-languages version this way even if you live in one of the mentioned countries (no guarantees)

Games bought with keysellers often are either one language versions or the Polish/Czech/Russian Version. Always check what languages are sold to you and complain with the seller if that’s not what you end up with..

Steps to switch the language

For some games those steps are only necessary once, for others for changing the audio language or even for both text and audio. Check your game if there are options to change the language through a launcher or ingame (settings or options menu).
  • Backup your user files
  • Open Origin and choose My Game Library
  • Right-click on the game and choose Game Properties.
  • Click on Advanced Launch Options and choose the desired language from the drop down menu. Only the here listed languages are available to you.
  • Wait until the game has verified all the files and installed the needed language files (this will happen each time you change the language through Origin, even if you had the game installed in the other language before). The files are verified and installed for every single pack you own so please be patient with the process and only continue after it’s all done.
  • If you install the game for the first time in that language, you need to agree to the End user License Agreement.
  • Start the game. If you had previous save games and other user files they might be missing. If you want to continue with the same saves in the new language you need to manually move them over (see below). You need to start the game once for the game to create a user folder.
  • If you see your saves/settings in the game, you’re are done and you can continue to play.
  • If your saves/settings are missing, close the game and manually move them over.

Steps to manually move the user files

For some games – especially Sims – the game creates a localized user folder. Because of this, your save games are not available in a different language. The following steps describe the manual moving process by the example of Sims 4. For different games it will work similar although most games probably won’t even be affected since the user folder name isn’t localized.

  • Go to your user files which can be found in Documents\Electronic Arts\<name of your game> orDocuments\<name of your game>
  • Depending on your language you might have two user folders now that are named slightly different. You will need to copy all files from the old user folder to the new one.
  • Open the folder that has the name in the language you had before (if you had English, it will for example be called The Sims 4)
  • Open the folder that has the name of the language you have now (if you have German now, it will be called Die Sims 4) in a different window
  • Copy the files over. Be aware that some folders are named differently depending on the language you installed the game in. Copy the files over folder by folder to whatever seems appropriate (ex. Recorded Videos –> Aufgenommene Videos). Some folders might also be missing since they are only created when used. You can just copy those over. Wrongly named folders make the content not appear in the game so make sure you copy the files to the appropriate folder.
  • Start the game. You should now be able to play your old saves.

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