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    Crin goes to Gamescom

    Dear readers, I’ve posted a few not-help-blog-like posts over the past few days.The reason why is that – as many other German fan sites – I was invited to go to Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. I was able to see a closed door presentation about Supernatural and Seasons and had the opportunity to play Supernatural for a bit. The two days were epic and I really enjoyed meeting people from other fan sites and to chat with the moderators of the German official forum. It was a pity that the producers didn’t have more time, I would have loved a…

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    A diving board for Crinrict

    Seasons Gamescom Information Splash! The kid jumps from the diving board. Yes, that was a jump not a dive and a splashy one too. His mom who’s standing nearby is got all wet. Kiddo needs to practice a lot more until he gets those different dives down. Luckily the boy is still young and rather skinny for the bigger and heavier the Sim, the more will get wet around the pool when they do a splash bomb. In the background we can see the summer gnome (in the presentation, not the pic). There will be one for each Season. The…

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    Sims 3 Seasons

    Diving coming to the Sims Update 09/21/2012: Just read the news on SimsVIP: Diving boards are coming with the seasons patch. You don’t need to buy the EP to get them. Thanks EA.  I usually don’t share EA news but I have to share this Assuming that this are the right kind of dives (the ones from the diving board) I have to say: THANK YOU EA. It took you long enough but Crin and I are very pleased. For those who wanna see the whole trailer of this amazing looking EP, go here: Trailer. Sims starts at about 1h11.