Tutorial,  Windows

Critical Events

Steps to take

Error messages and logs can most often help identifying why a program crashes. Windows logs a lot but it’s sometimes hard to find out where.

Once such place is the reliability monitor.

Follow these steps to get the error from that monitor.

Opening the reliability monitor

Windows Vista/7Windows 8Windows 10
  • Click on Start and type the follwing text in the search bar: perfmon /rel
  • Press Enter
  • Go to tiled you and start typing perfmon /rel
  • Choose the entry from the suggestions
  • Press Enter
  • Press + R
  • Type perfmon /rel

  • Press Enter

Show critical events

  1. A window will open that has several segments
  2. The segments that have a red circle with an X are the critical events that occurred on your system.
  3. Click on the X to see more info on the events (newest ones are always on the right)
  4. Choose the ones where it either says Sims 4, ts4.exe or Origin.
  5. Right-click on the event and choose View technical details.

  6. There’s information in the appearing window that you can use to troubleshoot (google) or you can click on Copy to clipboard and post it in any forum so someone can help you with them.

Error Analysis

Error module names and exception codes are the most interesting information. If there’s a dll in error module name, try to google it to find out what programs it belongs to.

If you google DLL’s you’ll often come across ultimate fixes and dll to download. I do not recommend doing this. They are most often sources for viruses. Try to find out what program the dll belongs to and either turn it off while playing or reinstall the program itself.