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[ANNO 1800] Everything about Saves

Where can I find my saves ?

The save can be found in the following folder: Documents\Anno 1800\accounts\<long number>

After starting a new game you will be asked for a name which you can choose to your liking. The game will then create one folder per name in the file system.

Each folder contains all saves ever made. This way you can always go back to any save point.


How do I load a certain save ?

  • Click on Continue to continue where you last left off.
  • Click on Load Game to load a certain save game (incl. auto-saves)
  • Click on New Game to start a  completely new save. You can choose a different name if you like.

If you click on Load Game you will be take to a choice of profiles that have been created up to now (there’s a profile for each chosen name, according to the folders in the file system).

By clicking on Saved Games you will be shown the complete folder content. Here you an either load or delete a certain save game or move them from the cloud and back if you like.


How does the auto-save work ?

The game saves automatically in a certain interval that you can set in your game options.

If you choose a small saving interval, the auto-save can fill up your hard drive pretty fast.It’s best to choose a higher interval and save manually from time to time (see below). Also make sure to delete unused autosaves from time to time.


Can I save my own games ?

Yes. To do so there are two possibilities. You can either use the keyboard short cut (CTRL-S, changeable in the game options) or you click on Menu (or click ESC) and then you’ll see a menu which offers the save option.

You can give the savegame a name to your liking and find it later in the list of savegames as shown above.


How can I backup my saves ?

Anno 1800 allows you to save your games to the cloud which makes it easy to share them between computers. To upload a certain save to the cloud, click on the first column in the saved games menu (see picture in How do I load a certain save ?)

You can also backup the folder in Documents\Anno 1800\accounts to keep all your saves somewhere safe.


How do I recover a save ?

The cloud save files should be available automatically if you start the game from the same Ubisoft account.

You can also just manually copy back the contents of the folder in Documents\Anno 1800\accounts to make then available again.


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