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[UPLAY] Cloud Saves


Most of the newer games today offer cloud saving. Saves will be uploaded to the Ubisoft servers and can be used by simply logging in with the same Ubisoft account.

Cloud saves are a convenient way to exchange data between computers and to create a backup.

In my opinon, they don’t replace local backups though since something can go wrong when synchronizing with the cloud. Because of this it’s still important to keep local backup. Ubisoft games create a lokal folder in your Windows documents folder which allows for easy backing up via copy/pasting the folders.

How do the cloud saves work ?

The way the cloud saves are handled can vary from game to game but to synchronize your local data with the cloud, UPlay creates the following folder:

Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\savegames\<long user number> (Installation path of UPlay)

For each Ubisoft game you will find a numbered folder (z.B. 4553 for Anno 1800) which contains several files per savegame.

  • .save: The save itself
  • .save.upload: An upload file (0 KB in size) – Probably an indication that the save was properly saved to the cloud.
  • .save.delete: Each cloud save that you delete in game is marked with .delete to show that it’s a deleted save.

How can I turn off cloud saves ?

Cloud saving can be turned on/off in UPlay for all supported games. There doesn’t seem to be a setting per game.

To turn on/off the cloud, follow these steps:

  • Click on the three lines in the upper right corner
  • Choose Settings
  • Choose General
  • Tick/Untick Enable cloud save synchronization for supported games.

Remark: For me, turning off the cloud saving still creates all those files and does seem to synchronize them as well.

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