• Bugs,  Origin/EA-App

    [ORIGIN] Games Tabbing Out/ Games randomly auto-launching

    Problem I’m playing an Origin game but it randomly tabs out, minimizes or goes to windowed mode Origin coming to the front while playing a game. While doing something else, another Origin game randomly starts up Origin randomly starts itself, asking me to login. Cause Probably an issue with recognizing the licenses. Solution Close Origin Stop the following processes through the task Manager: OriginWebHelperService.exe and OriginClientService.exe Delete all files in the following folders (These folders are hidden, you need to unhide them first) C:\ProgramData\Electronic Arts\EA Services\License  C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Local\Electronic Arts\EA Services\License Restart Origin

  • Anno 1800,  Bugs

    [ANNO 1800] Achievements window constantly opens

    Problem Since Update 3 the window with the achievements constantly opens up without being triggered. Cause Since Update 3, the key A opens the achievement window. This leads to a double assignment for the A-key for players that don’t have direction keys on their keyboard as A also pans the camera to the left (WASD). Solution Open the options and choose the tab Controls. Just assign a different key to Toggle company menu. Further Reading [ANNO 1800] Patch 03 – June, 5th 2019 [ANNO 1800] Turning off right-click menu resets on the next game start

  • Anno 1800,  By Design

    [ANNO 1800] Farm shows missing fields although there’s plenty

    Problem My farm shows missing fields although I’ve build the required amount of fields. Cause Make sure you don’t build the fields while in blueprint mode. Fields build in this mode are visually very hard to distinguish from the normal ones. Solution Click on one of the fields and then click on the Upgrade button to actually build the fields. If the farm itself is also in blueprint mode, the fields will be built automatically if you build the farm itself.  

  • Anno 1800,  By Design

    [ANNO 1800] Farmer/Investors not visible in menu bar

    Problem In the menu bar at the upper end of the screen only farmers to engineers are shown. Investors are missing. In the menu bar at the upper end of the screen only worker to investors are shown. Farmers are missing. I can’t see the Jornaleros in the new world anymore. Cause Once you reached the last population level, there isn’t enough space to show all the levels and you need to scroll between them. If you have set the bar to show investors, Jornaleros aren’t shown in the new world anymore either. Solution Move your mouse arrow over the…

  • Anno 1800,  Fixed Bugs

    [ANNO 1800] [FIXED] Turning off right-click menu resets on the next game start

    Problem I change the right-click menu to off but on the next game start it’s reset to on. Cause Changing the option isn’t saved into the engine.ini file. Because of this, the change is not permanent and only affects the current gaming session. Solution Change the option manually in the engine.ini instead: Search for the following line: “UseRightclickMenu”: true, Change true to false  

  • Anno 1800,  Bugs

    [ANNO 1800] Feedback Quality can’t be set

    Problem I would like to change the feedback quality in the option but I don’t get an an selection list when I click on it. Only the arrow changes from an downwards arrow to a upwards one. Cause It only seems like the list doesn’t open, since the feedback quality is the last entry in the list and is at the bottom on the screen The only issue is that the list doesn’t auto-scroll automatically. Solution Drag the scroll bar on the right hand side all the way to the bottom. This will make the list visible. You can also…

  • Anno 1800,  Bugs

    [ANNO 1800] Broken UI for fire station, police and hospital

    Problem I have a fire/riot/sickness in my town but I can’t mobilize extra emergency service as the interface is broken. Sometimes the interfaces are also mixed up so that I see the hospital one for the fire station. Cause Unclear Solution Try clicking on a different fire station to see if it goes away. If you don’t have another, restarting the game should also help with the issue. You can just play on if it’s not urgent as the error will disappear on it’s own after a while. The autonomous part of the emergency service is not affected by this…

  • Anno 1800,  By Design

    [ANNO 1800] All money suddenly gone

    Problem I had a large amount of money and suddenly I’m in the negative although I didn’t buy anything Solution There are several options where the money might have gone Only buy a small amount of watches and phonographs. They are pretty expensive and if you fill your warehouses with them your money can vanquish fast. If you buy items from other fractions it can get very expensive. The option to reroll offered items is a bottomless pit. If you click on the button once, it costs 5000 coins, the second time it costs 10’000 coins and the third time…