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[ANNO 1800] Game doesn’t save


My game doesn’t save anymore. If I start the game the next time, all progress is lost. The game also sometimes crashes when trying to save.


The most common cause for this that something is blocking the access to the local saves folder which leads to the game not being saved and crashing.

  1. Antivirus/Firewall block access
  2. Missing access privileges
  3. Controlled folder Access by Windows is blocking the access
  4. Not enough hard drive space


The executable Anno1800.exe can be found here:

<Installation folder>\Bin\Win64

Where can I find my installation folder ?
You can set the standard installation path for Ubisoft games in UPlay. Click on the three lines in the upper right corner and choose settings You can find the path under settings. To find the path for a certain game click in UPlay on Games --> Click on the desired game --> Properties. The path can be found under Local Files. To directly access the folder, click on Open Folder.
  1. Add the file Anno1800.exe as an exception to your Firewall/Antivirus program
  2. Start the game/UPlay as administrator and make sure the Windows documents folder isn’t write-only
  3. Add the file Anno1800.exe as an exception to the Controlled Folder Access or turn it off.
  4. Make sure there’s enough space on your drive where the documents folder is located. By default this is the c:\ drive which can get full fast, especially if you have a small SSD. It’s best to redirect the documents folder to a different drive to free up some space.

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