• Anno 1800,  By Design

    [ANNO 1800] Farm shows missing fields although there’s plenty

    Problem My farm shows missing fields although I’ve build the required amount of fields. Cause Make sure you don’t build the fields while in blueprint mode. Fields build in this mode are visually very hard to distinguish from the normal ones. Solution Click on one of the fields and then click on the Upgrade button to actually build the fields. If the farm itself is also in blueprint mode, the fields will be built automatically if you build the farm itself.  

  • Graphics,  Tutorial

    Setting up a gaming profile for your graphics card

    Introduction Laptops and sometimes desktop computers can have a graphics chip as well as a graphics card with dedicated memory. Games should always run on the card to make optimal use of the hardware and give you the best performance possible. Unfortunately that doesn’t work for every game automatically. Because of this it’s recommend to set up a gaming profile for them. Steps Depending on whether you own a Nvidia or a AMD card, the steps to set up a gaming profile differ. NVidia Make sure to install the newest graphics driver and the Nvidia control panel Right-click on your…

  • Anno 1800,  By Design

    [ANNO 1800] Farmer/Investors not visible in menu bar

    Problem In the menu bar at the upper end of the screen only farmers to engineers are shown. Investors are missing. In the menu bar at the upper end of the screen only worker to investors are shown. Farmers are missing. I can’t see the Jornaleros in the new world anymore. Cause Once you reached the last population level, there isn’t enough space to show all the levels and you need to scroll between them. If you have set the bar to show investors, Jornaleros aren’t shown in the new world anymore either. Solution Move your mouse arrow over the…

  • FAQ,  UPlay

    [UPLAY] Verify files

    Introduction Sometimes game files can become corrupt or create issues. Especially after incomplete downloads/installation or game updates, problems can start occurring. If you have issues in your game or it lags a lot, the first troubleshooting step is to repair your game (aka verify game files). This process synchronizes the installation files with the files on the Ubi server and repairs faulty or missing files. This process can download data but compared to reinstalling the game, it has the advantage of not having to download the entire game again. Steps You need an active Internet connection. The process can take…

  • Error,  Windows

    VCRUNTIME140.dll missing

    Problem I’m getting the following error message The program can’t start because VCRUNTIME140.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem. Cause VCRuntime140.dll belongs to Visual C++ Redistributable für Visual Studio 2015-2019. The cause for this error are either a corrupt installation or the lack of the correct redistributable. 32-bit applications like UPlay or Origin need next to the x64 version also the x86. It’s best to always install them both. To find out which ones you have installed, type Add and remove Programs in the Windows Search bar and then choose Apps and Features.…

  • Anno 1800,  Help

    [ANNO 1800] Corrupt Cloud-Save prevents game from starting

    Problem When I try to start my game, it simply crashes . The last message I see is: Synchronizing your save games with the cloud. I’ve already played quite a few hours so it should run. I also try to play with a friends account and that works fine. Cause Unfortunately cloud save games can corrupt and prevent the game from starting because of that. Especially game updates/patches can have unexpected side effects. Solution You need to turn off cloud synchronization and get rid of the faulty cloud saves to solve this issue. To do so, follow these steps: Create…

  • Anno 1800,  Help

    [ANNO 1800] Game doesn’t save

    Problem My game doesn’t save anymore. If I start the game the next time, all progress is lost. The game also sometimes crashes when trying to save. Cause The most common cause for this that something is blocking the access to the local saves folder which leads to the game not being saved and crashing. Antivirus/Firewall block access Missing access privileges Controlled folder Access by Windows is blocking the access Not enough hard drive space Solution Add the file Anno1800.exe as an exception to your Firewall/Antivirus program Start the game/UPlay as administrator and make sure the Windows documents folder isn’t…

  • Tutorial,  UPlay

    [UPLAY] Cloud Saves

    Introduction Most of the newer games today offer cloud saving. Saves will be uploaded to the Ubisoft servers and can be used by simply logging in with the same Ubisoft account. Cloud saves are a convenient way to exchange data between computers and to create a backup. In my opinon, they don’t replace local backups though since something can go wrong when synchronizing with the cloud. Because of this it’s still important to keep local backup. Ubisoft games create a lokal folder in your Windows documents folder which allows for easy backing up via copy/pasting the folders. How do the…